Texas-based real estate-based business development firm CCG has become the latest company to utilize Rialto Markets‘ FINRA member broker-dealer technology to maximize the success of its capital raise.

Rialto Markets will act as the FINRA member broker-dealer for Consumer Cooperative Group’s (CCG’s) $5m Regulation CF offering powered by Rialto Markets Primary technology.

Founded in 2017, CCG is a consumer-owned, for-profit cooperative which provides consulting and strategic planning services to cooperatives, credit unions, and community-based organizations across the United States.

The Cooperative’s mission is to provide its members with the benefits of real estate ownership through an indirect ownership system, offering an affordable option for all levels of the investor while simultaneously creating more opportunities for lower-income individuals who may have been shut out of the market.

Its flagship product – Real Estate Investment Cooperative (REIC), involves the purchase of multi-family properties with pooled funds contributed by cooperative members/investors. In exchange, members/investors benefit from an indirect real estate property ownership system on a proportion that is based on their investment.

CCG plans to utilize its Reg CF capital raise alongside its expertise in cooperative development, governance, and financial management to help more organizations build businesses that contribute to a more equitable and sustainable economy.

CEO and Senior Consultant at CCG Tanen Andrews has extensive experience in cooperative development and management and is committed to helping organizations build strong, sustainable businesses that benefit their members and communities.

“We are excited to partner with Rialto Markets to offer our member cooperatives a new way to access capital.” Said Andrews, “We believe that this partnership will help us better serve our communities and promote economic democracy through cooperative ownership.”

Rialto Markets’ CEO & Co-Founder, Shari Noonan, added: “It’s great CCG has become the latest issuer with Rialto Markets, and we look forward to aligning with CCG’s mission to support cooperatives and community-based organizations while maximizing its capital raise.”

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