For Issuers

Rialto supports issuers at every phase of the capital formation process. We deploy innovative financial technology in a regulated and controlled environment to enable you to raise capital more effectively and efficiently.

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Rialto provides experienced, non-conflicted advisory services for strategic decision-making as it relates to all aspects of security issuance.

Issuing a security involves dealings and agreements with multiple parties including but not limited to banks, lawyers, vendors, and technology. Our years of experience and expertise can help you with regulatory navigation, vendor negotiation, technology assessment, token minting assessment, contract formulation and negotiation, deal structure, investor relations, trading systems, among others.

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Rialto works with you and investors to structure the deal that works best for your offering.

We support equity, debt, and convertibles, generally via Reg D, Rule 506(c) Private Placements. When structuring the deal, we utilize smart contracts that identify automatically triggered milestones.

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Rialto will introduce your investment opportunity across new investor audiences.

Combining its traditional capital markets relationships with digital capital markets relationships, as well as combining its deep understanding of traditional capital markets and capital raising with the same skills in digital capital markets, Rialto will establish deal structures and infrastructure to expand your investor reach.

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Once capital has been raised, the go-to-market strategy is not over. Rialto can act as your guide through all aspects of digital security issuance.

Minting the digital security, admitting the security on a trading system, transfer agent integration, clearing and settlement, and custody are just some of the requirements that Rialto will walk you through to assure a smooth and easy end-to-end experience.