Bringing Private Markets to the Public

Rialto Markets is the trusted ‘go to’ fully regulated broker dealer empowering companies to raise money through our unrivalled expertise in crowdfunding and institutional investment.

We operate a fully compliant and unique secondary market trading platform for buying and selling shares in private companies. Our technology empowers direct private capital raises and investments, delivering clarity and simplicity to a complex marketplace.

"For years investors have been asking me how they can monetize their investment and I finally have an answer." - CEO Reg A Issuer

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Our Benefits


Digital Platform

Rialto Markets provides a platform for investors to monetize their investment


Easy Access

We provide direct access to private markets to everyone



Rialto Markets empowers issuers to raise capital and own their data



Employees have on average more than 25 years experience in financial services

presence throughout USA


Rialto Markets is a FINRA registered Broker Dealer registered in all 50 states


Regulatory Framework

Rialto Markets operates as a SEC and FINRA recognized ATS

Rialto Markets – benefits to companies raising capital

  • We empower companies to take direct control over Reg A+ or Reg CF crowdfunding through retail or accredited investors in a fully compliant way, retaining and leveraging all value from the data and investor relationships. This helps follow-on investments and referrals for companies far more than a third-party crowdfunding platform.
  • The ‘Rialto Markets Way’ enables companies to build long term relationships and their own investor community, who then become their greatest advocates, rather than being lost on a platform with many other completely unrelated investment offerings. 
  • Each member of our team averages more than 25 years of Wall Street experience. We pride ourselves on our institutional relationships as well as going that extra mile to provide retail investors with access to the private markets. Regulatory and compliance expertise is also embedded in our DNA. Rialto Markets is registered in all 50 US states – a key component for any successful company raise.

Additional benefits from the Rialto Markets secondary market trading platform for investors and private companies alike

  • Our tech infrastructure provides a single entry point for issuers and investors to all components necessary for private companies to raise capital and for investors to invest.
  • We went through the exacting process of securing FINRA approval and SEC qualification to operate a frictionless alternative trading system. This secure platform services a diverse community of investors, traders, and data providers, enabling us to become the industry benchmark for price discovery in private company securities.
  • Our secondary trading ATS platform empowers companies to stay private for longer, while giving shareholders and stock-holding employees the ability to monetize value rather than waiting for a sale, merger or listing on a major stock exchange that may take up to 15 years. This allows businesses to attract and retain key talent and investors to realise value without tying up capital for many years.

And for investors

  • We provide access for retail customers to invest in early stage high growth companies that traditionally were reserved for the very largest institutional investors. They also get the chance to realise some or all the value of their investments.