New Chief of Staff, Ms Liz Inal, returns to Rialto Markets, bringing vast experience and knowledge from across the financial industry with her.

With over 20 years of financial industry experience, Inal specializes in developing business strategy and operations, focusing on tax, legal, and compliance.

Inal is also well-versed in managing high-profile client relationships, establishing workflows that deliver world-class solutions, and building and leading high-performance teams.

Head of the KYC Onboarding team for North America at Morgan Stanley in her previous role, Inal supported the firm’s institutional businesses while working closely with clients, stakeholders, and regulators on KYC matters.

Inal’s motivation to re-join Rialto Markets stems from her belief that she was part of an organization that would be impacting the financial industry’s future in a meaningful way, and she is excited to be back:

“My motivation to re-join Rialto Markets was whenever I was asked to remember an experience where I worked hard, learned a lot and felt like I was part of an organization that was truly making an impact on the future of the financial industry, I kept going back my time at Rialto Markets”.

Rialto Markets CEO and Co-Founder Shari Noonan is also excited about Inal re-joining the team: “We are thrilled to have Ms Liz Inal as part of the Rialto Markets team once again and look forward to the positive impact she will undoubtedly make”.

“Inal’s compliance experience and expertise make her an invaluable asset to any organization within the financial industry; we are confident she will be an invaluable asset to the Firm and its continued growth”.

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