Rialto Markets’ latest issuer, Inland Mid-Continent Corporation (IMCC), aims to transform the energy industry through a $10 million Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding investment offering.

The offering is powered by Rialto Markets primary.

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the oil and gas exploration and production company utilizes its extensive expertise to capitalize on conventional oil resources.

IMCC concentrates on smaller projects to achieve its objectives by tapping into Oklahoma’s oil and gas-rich natural reserves, enabling a dependable supply to nearby refineries and natural gas pipelines. These are often overlooked or seen as insignificant or unproductive by bigger corporations.

Its operation focuses on shallow oil and gas formations (< 3,500 ft.), requiring light fracking only when essential and utilizing used equipment in good condition to maximize output while minimizing associated costs.

IMCC has launched a $10 million Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding investment offering.

Its goals through the raise are to expand the company while increasing operations effectively, cost-efficiently and within a three-hour radius of Tulsa.

Rialto Markets will act as the FINRA member broker-dealer for IMCC.

IMCC says it is excited to provide opportunities for everyday people to get involved from the ground floor of the company and with the aim to benefit in the long run as it grows.

The Reg A+ raise is welcomed by IMCC President and co-founder Jeff Leenerts, who has over 20 years of direct experience in oil and gas operations.

Leenerts explains that IMCC aims to “get what’s left out of the ground and ensure we all benefit from it. We all have the same mindset about what we want to do, and we’re convinced it’s going to work, and it’s the way forward”.

Rialto Markets’ CEO & co-founder, Shari Noonan, added: “IMCC’s decades of experience and unwavering commitment have positioned it as a role model for all within the oil and gas industry, making it a true leader in the field.

“We at Rialto Markets are proud to work with IMCC and to work alongside Jeff Leenerts to maximize the company’s capital raise success.”

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