Shari Noonan – Co-Founder & CEO, Rialto Markets – 

On this segment of FINTECH.TV’s Digital Asset Report, our seasoned host, Vince Molinari, talks capital markets in the age of a hyperconnected digital economies with our distinguished guest, Shari Noonan, Co-Founder and CEO of Rialto Markets.

From her electronic trading background – beginning with digitizing markets in the late 90s – Shari has a deep history with equities markets, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank as COO of Trading as ATS’ have created a regulated private capital markets framework. From OMS’, ECNs, to ATS’, these veterans cover the list of acronyms that are most important in the digitally connected New World

Swaps, Equities, FX & the Evolution of Asset Classes – 

Rialto has received approval from [the] Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate their broker-dealer (BD) and alternative trading system (ATS) under the Fourth Industrial Revolution of Digital Securities in the United States of America as domestic systems connect with global partners. 

There are private markets with digital securities now able to trade using the “ecosystems” of ATS networks in the US, and additional nodes worldwide, in approved regulated domiciles; although, this doesn’t mean there is liquidity at meaningful volumes for a high-velocity market. The rails and infrastructure are still coming online for mass adoption as reduction in friction is achieved. 

These leaders of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are, together, greater than the sum of the whole of the parts. Thereby, catalyzing exponential growth in areas such as decentralized finance (DeFi), digital securities and compliant offerings that are compliant with state, regional and/or local regulators.

Regulation A+: Railto & KoreConX – 

Rialto is working with groups – such as Oscar Jofre’s KoreConX, who was recently interviewed by FINTECH.TV – that have connected many of the USA’s ATS‘s in a much-needed ecosystem to facilitate liquidity, price discovery, mark-to-market value pairing, and additional functions that are vital to the private capital markets having sustainable levels of liquidity.


Securing the Future: Rialto & Securrency – 

Rialto is working with the best and brightest – such as Securrency, which was recently interviewed on FINTECH.TV; with the Securrency digital securities engine coming online as one of many base protocols in the New World that plugs into Rialto’s core business. 

DeFi: Pandora’s Box to Scaling Exponential Liquidity –

As CeFi goes to DeFi, or in plain English – the world evolving from Old World centralized banks to New World options that offer significantly expanded value – each player as Shari discusses above are necessary and needed in order to bring the systems online. In order to facilitate liquidity, leaders of the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as ErisX’s Matt Trudeau must get the required elements implemented, adopted, adapted, and approved by regulators that are compliant with Rialto, Securrency, KoreConX, and many others for regulated & compliant private capital markets to one day have the liquidity for current “illiquid” assets. 

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