Rialto Markets have partnered with Astrella to facilitate a better marketplace for investors to monetise their investments.

By combining Astrella’s real-time management of private shareholder ownership data through a blockchain-enabled platform with Rialto Markets’ Alternative Trading Platform (ATS) we will provide a heightened experience on our platform for both issuers and investors.

Founded in 2019, Astrella offers an open network allowing customers to define and implement the services that best complement their business while enhancing the investor experience.

Developed by Silicon Valley-based business unit AST PCS under the global ownership of data management leader Equiniti, Astrella uses its transformative technology to build a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

Rialto Markets CEO & Co-Founder, Shari Noonan, praised the partnership, who said:

“Rialto Markets is thrilled to collaborate with Astrella to further enhance its offering to private companies by delivering premier cap table management services via Astrella. Rialto Markets is committed to continuously improving operational efficiencies for private securities capital raising, investments, and trading.

“Partnering with Astrella further delivers these vital components of the private securities investment ecosystem.”

Astrella’s Head of Global Sales and Alliances, Paul Arens, stated:

“We are delighted to join forces with Rialto Markets to provide our clients with access to the institutional marketplace for private capital. Blockchain technology has tremendous potential to improve market structure by enhancing transparency, streamlining workflows, and automating processes.”

“Astrella is the only provider with blockchain technology in the management of the cap table and working together with Rialto Markets, Astrella allows issuers to manage and track the ownership history of each share from the time they are issued until exit.”

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