Elevare Technologies, a leader in the digital economy revolution, is on a mission to raise  through equity crowdfunding by partnering with a fellow progressive, broker-dealer Rialto Markets.

Elevare Technologies operates in the video as a service (VaaS) market which, according to Grand View Research, was valued at $2.13 billion in 2020, with a projected CAGR of 39.7% from 2021 to 2028.

The company creates custom virtual experiences and worlds for teams, clients, and partners, with the goal of promoting the widespread adoption of virtual technologies. Businesses can digitize their physical offices and access a digital twin layout using cutting-edge Web 3.0 solutions.

Rialto Markets, as a FINRA member broker dealer, will serve as the onboarding agent for the Elevare Technologies offering and will include necessary checks on the company to ensure compliance with regulations and standards, such as anti-money laundering, identity, and ‘bad actor’ disqualification reviews. Additionally, Rialto Markets will confirm that the issuer, Elevare Technologies is a registered business in good standing, thereby helping to provide transparency and confidence for potential investors.

In an article posted by KoreConX, Elevare Technologies Chairman and CEO Steve Beaman said: “Elevare Technologies was created to help digitize the American business economy. We are creating a movement from the real world into the virtual world. It is the best of the two worlds. We specialize in offering a digital office system where businesses can build a digital twin of their current physical office.”

Rialto Markets leads the fintech industry’s pioneering efforts to revolutionize and streamline the securities trading process. The firm’s utilization of blockchain technology and smart contracts enables it to offer unparalleled levels of speed, efficiency, and security in trading and settlement services compared to traditional brokers.

Rialto Markets CEO, Shari Noonan, said: “Partnering with Elevare Technologies allows us to expand our reach into the emerging metaverse market and provide innovative solutions for our clients.

“Elevare’s cutting-edge technology aligns with our mission to drive efficiency and enhance the user experience for our traders and institutions.’’

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