Atlis Motor Vehicles recently went public on the Nasdaq at an opening price of
$39, peaking at $244 on the first day of trading before settling on an
impressive $82.12 at close.

It was a performance undoubtedly cheered from the rooftops by some
investors, who had previously bought into the company through a string of
equity crowdfunding offerings at a fraction of the price.

Atlis develops electric vehicles and powertrains offering the towing and
payload capabilities of diesel-powered trucks or pick-ups, vehicles integral to
agriculture, utilities, construction, and the emergency services, particularly in
the huge North American market.

They conducted one of their first Regulation CF investment offerings through
Rialto Markets two years ago, equity in the then-private company, available for
both retail and accredited investors, started at just $12.74.
Very early investment offerings on other crowdfunding platforms, such as
StartEngine, were less than $1.

If those who bought at $12.74 had sold at its peak IPO price this week, it would
have seen a return of close to 1,900%. Even at its end of day price, investors
would still have seen a return on paper of more than 570%.

The opportunity to realise such gains was made possible by the JOBS Act
legislation, designed to allow small and large investors to acquire a stake in
early-stage private companies through equity crowdfunding options.
These enable a private company to raise up to $5 million on a Regulation CF or
up to $75 million per year on a Regulation A+, and gives investors the chance
to target companies with growth potential much earlier in their life-cycle than
waiting for an IPO.

Atlis had raised more than $35 million through Reg A and Reg CF offerings prior
to going public on the Nasdaq on September 28.

Mark Hanchett, Atlis Founder and CEO said: “We are incredibly gratified to
have reached this milestone in partnership with our pre-public investors, many
of whom have been invested in the company since its inception.

“We now enter this exciting next phase of development for Atlis, in which we
have achieved the milestone of becoming a publicly listed company, and now
look forward to executing on an ambitious business plan to achieve revenue
and profitability in an exciting and emerging market with significant
opportunities to differentiate ourselves and tremendous potential to create,
maintain and increase shareholder value.”

Shari Noonan, CEO and Co-founder of Rialto Markets, added: “As Atlis Motor
Vehicles' broker-dealer over the last two years leading up to their IPO launch,
we are delighted for the company following the initial success of its IPO.

“When they first raised with us via a Reg CF a few years ago, the share price
was $12.74, followed by a Reg A+ offering later that year at $15.88 per share.
“At the launch of its IPO, shares opened at $39 and early crowdfunding
shareholders witnessed a sharp increase in value.”

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