Crackdown by regulators aims to protect investors entering a more digital world

A US Government crackdown on unregulated digital exchanges and stablecoins has long been on the cards, according to ATS operator Rialto Markets. But rather than trying to kill off this emerging sector, Rialto Markets’ Head of Market Structure Lee E Saba expects and welcomes an official drive to create a regulated investment environment: Crackdown by […]

Join the new American Revolution – financial markets equality for all

By Lee Saba – Head of Market Structure, Rialto Markets – As part of our regular thought leadership series on what’s current in financial markets Very few people understand the revolution now taking place in financial markets. It is to do with private markets and has been sparked by new regulations allowing investment and trading […]

See how investors participated in a social commerce platform focused on charitable initiatives.

Background – a global social commerce platform seeks to provide monetization opportunities for existing investors and participation opportunities for additional investors, Result – utilizing Rialto’s SEC and FINRA recognized Alternative Trading System (ATS), initial investors in the company find buyers enabling them to monetize their holdings. Additional investors are able to participate in the secondary […]

See how retail investors helped fund a Digital Twin company.

Background – a Midwest based Digital Twin company seeking to raise $15 million to expand its business and increase its projects. Result – leveraging Rialto’s infrastructure, Issuer was empowered to attract investors directly to their website to learn about the company and invest directly. All on-boarding, subscription information, banking and payment details were gathered at […]

See how a US energy company leveraged Rialto’s infrastructure to complete their private security capital raise.

Background – A US energy company seeking to fund a specific project through the issuance of private equity security. Result – leveraging Rialto’s infrastructure and Broker-Dealer status, this US-based energy company was able to pursue investors in every state. Utilizing Rialto’s infrastructure, investors could go to a single entry point to enter their interest, subscribe, […]

Rialto Markets announced its appointment of Charles V. Senatore to its advisory board

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2021 / — Rialto Markets, a FINRA registered Broker Dealer operating an SEC recognized Alternative Trading System for private securities including those issued as Digital Asset Securities, has announced the appointment of Charles V. Senatore to its advisory board. Mr. Senatore brings unparalleled experience to the Rialto Markets advisory […]

Liquidity, Digital Securities & Private Capital Markets Shari Noonan – Co-Founder & CEO, Rialto Markets –  On this segment of FINTECH.TV’s Digital Asset Report, our seasoned host, Vince Molinari, talks capital markets in the age of a hyperconnected digital economies with our distinguished guest, Shari Noonan, Co-Founder and CEO of Rialto Markets. From her electronic trading background – beginning with digitizing markets in the late 90s – […]

Rialto Markets Receives Approval For ATS To Trade Digital Securities

NEW YORK, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Rialto Markets LLC announced today that its request to engage in private placements and to operate an alternative trading system (ATS) for digital securities has been granted by FINRA. Rialto has leveraged the technology it had developed for its original ATS which has been in production since 2016. “We’ve worked very […]