Mission First Capital – the investment fund wholly owned and operated by US forces veterans – has launched a $50 million Regulation A+ crowdfunding raise to invest in real estate.

It is thought to be a first of its kind for a veterans’ and serving personnel fund and aligns with the company’s founding principle, to offer US military people the same investment opportunities normally open only to ‘high net worth investors’.

Fund options start at just $50 per share with a $5,000 minimum investment and a $1m maximum, and investors may choose a three, five, or eight-year term – more investment information is available here.

This crowdfunding initiative marks a major expansion and endorsement of Mission First Capital’s (MSC) successful business model: selective acquisition of properties enabling major value to be added through improvements and optimized efficiency.

Navy veteran Phil Capron founded the company on his passion for helping fellow servicemen and women, acquiring over 500 properties for a real estate portfolio now valued at over $30 million.

“It always bothered me that my military brothers and sisters couldn’t invest alongside me because they didn’t have the net worth or income required by the Securities and Exchange Commission,” said Capron.

“I created Mission First Capital to level the playing field and allow the best among us, our veterans, the ability to invest in themselves and their family’s future.”

The Regulation A+ raise is being managed by innovative broker dealer Rialto Markets, whose CEO and Co-founder Shari Noonan said:

“We are honoured to work with Mission First Capital on this pioneering investment opportunity for service people, past and present, and take the company’s highly successful business strategy to a whole new level.
“We also share the ethos of Phil Capron and his team to create opportunities for smaller as well as accredited and institutional investors.

“We will shortly launch a fully regulated ATS (alternative trading platform) to further assist the march towards democratizing investment.

“For more information about this initiative, please sign up here for our free investment webinar Bringing Private Markets to the Public by Making Investments Accessible to Everyone on Wednesday 10th November at 1pm ET.

“According to Forbes the private securities market is set to triple from $7 trillion to $30 trillion by 2030 and Rialto Markets is at the forefront of bringing private markets to the public, through its advanced broker dealer capital raising infrastructure and regulated secondary ATS trading platform for private companies.”


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